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Welcome To Mullet Mania
Hi i'm gary welcome to my first ever website. As you have probably guessed its about mullets and i am also growing a mullet myself.
About Me
Hi my name is Gary Devine i am 13 years old. My hobbies are playing the guitar, mullet spotting and jammin with my brothers band who i must mention are tren, sean and bill.
My Brothers
These are my brothers Steve and bill the on with the mullet is Steve.

Contact Me
If you wish to contact me with any comments or basic crack, e.mail me at

How to grow a mullet
To grow the basic mullet you have to shave round the sides of your head and the top is optional but you must let the back grow. You should shampoo and condition your mullet everyday for the ultimate smoothness and flowingness.

Request A Kind Of Mullet
If you have any requests for any kinds of mullets post them in the guestbook and they will be put on my photo page when i have enough of them to fill it.